ISSN (print) 0868-8540, (online) 2413-5984
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Algologia 2008, 18(4): 386–392
Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Annual succession cycle of planktonic algal cenoses of estuarine ecosystems of northern seas of Russia

Makarevich P.R.

Based on a review and analysis of multiyear data on the dynamics of the taxonomic composition and quantitative characteristics of planktonic algal cenoses of pelagic estuarine ecosystems of arctic seas, a conceptual scheme of annual succession cycle is formulated. Four phases are identified: the winter dormancy stage, the cryoflora bloom stage, the spring succession cycle, and the stage of summer–autumn balanced development.

Keywords: microalgae, estuarine ecosystems, annual succession cycle

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