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Algologia 2008, 18(4): 393–407
Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Species compositionand ecological characteristics of phytoepiphyton in the river section of Kanev reservoir (Ukraine)

Tarashchuk O.S.

The phytoepiphyton of the river section of Kaniv reservoir was investigated. A total of 180 algal species represented by 188 infraspecific taxa including those containing nomenclatural types of the species were found. Bacillariophyta have been represented by the largest number of species (93). Chlorophyta – by 47 species, Streptophyta – by 20, Cyanoprocaryota – by 14. Euglenophyta, Dinophyta and Chrysophyta have been represented by solitary species that form 4% of all species found. Among them 69 species were epiphytonts, 111 – allochtonous. Epiphytonts were dominating in the number of species at all the stations. On the whole, 162 intraspecific taxa – indicators of ecological conditions were found. The dependence of some taxonomical structure indexes of phytoepiphyton upon the hydrological regime was revealed at the first time. It has been noted that allochtonous presented by solitary specimens could not be bioindicators of ecological conditions.

Keywords: phytoepiphyton, Kaniv reservoir, river section

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