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Algologia 2008, 18(4): 408–422
Flora and Geography

Cryptophyta in east-siberian water bodies (Russia)

Bondarenko N.A.1, Schure L.A.2,3

The paper presents a study on the taxonomic composition, number, biomass, and primary production of Cryptophyta algae in East-Siberia water-bodies. The rivers Enisey and Angara, the water-reservoirs Krasnoyarskoe and Berezhskoe, water-bodies in the north part of the Krasnoyarsk province, Lake Baikal, East-Siberian mountain lakes, and near-Baikal small lakes have been studied. There have been revealed 23 species, 12 of them being new in the algal flora of East Siberia. There were examined features of the Cryptophyta biology, their seasonal and inter-annual dynamics in planktonic communities. Cryptophyta species were found to be a permanent component in plankton, reaching their maximal abundance while the studied water-bodies and water-flows abounded in soluble organic compounds.

Keywords: Cryptophyta, taxonomic composition, number, biomass, primary production, East Siberia

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