ISSN (print) 0868-8540, (online) 2413-5984
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Algologia 2008, 18(4): 432–448
Flora and Geography

Species of the genus Pinnularia Ehrenberg (Bacillariophyta) from sphagnum bogs of Privolzhskaya hills and Polistovo-Lovatsky tract (Russia)

Kulikovskiy M.S.

Species composition of genus Pinnularia from sphagnum bogs are discussed on the basis of personal and literary data. From Privolzhskaya hills (Penza region) and Polistovo-Lovatsky sphagnous tract 19 new for the flora of Russia species are discovered. 75 species Pinnularia are recorded in these regions.

Keywords: Pinnularia, sphagnum bogs, new for the flora of Russia

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