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2009, Vol. 19, Issue 2

10 articles

General Problems of Algology

The place and importance of Charales in system of organic world

Palamar-Mordvintseva G.M., Tsarenko P.M.
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 117–135
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Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Phosphorus limited bloom of Emiliania huxleyi (Lohm.) Hay et Mohl. in the northeastern Black Sea

Silkin V.A.1, Pautova L.A.2, MikaelyanA.S.2
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 135–144
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Daily dynamics of chlorophyll a in the estuarine pelagic phytocenosis of the Kola Inlet (Barents Sea)

Trofimova V.V., Makarevich P.R.
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 145–154
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Flora and Geography

Algal flora of caves and grottoes in the National Nature Park, “Podilsky Tovtry” (Ukraine)

Vinogradova O.N., Mikhailyuk T.I.
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 155–171
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Zygnematales (Streptophyta) of water bodies of Kiev and Kiev environs

Lilitskaya G.G.
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 172–185
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Cyanoprokaryota of the water bodies of Dniprovsko-Orilsky Natural Reserve (Ukraine)

Gerasymova O.V.
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 186–196
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Research of Charales of Zytomir Polissia (Ukraine)

Borisova E.V.1, Orlov A.A.2
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 197–205
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Comparison of species diversity of algae of the lower Danube Lakes (Ukraine)

Gerasimiuk V.P., Gerasimiuk N.V.
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 206–215
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New and rare for Ukraine species Cyanophyta (Cyanoprokaryota)

Kovalenko O.V., Kislova O.A.
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 216–225
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Short Communications

Batrachospermum keratophytum Bory emend. R.G. Sheath, M.L. Vis et K.M. Cole, a new freshwater red algal species for Ukraine

Vis M.L.1, Kapustin D.A.2
Algologia 2009, 19(2): 226–229
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