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2009, Vol. 19, Issue 3

9 articles

Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

Morphology and taxonomy of Stephanodiscus inconspicuus (Bacillariophyta)

Genkal S.I.1, Kuzmina A.E.2, Popovskaya G.I. 2
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 247–256
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Composition and quantitative characteristics of periphyton microalgae in coastal waters near Vladivostok city (Russia)

Begun A.A.1, Ryabushko L.I.2, Zvyagintsev A.Yu.1
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 257–272
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Flora and Geography

Materials to the flora of Bacillariophyta in the Pasvik River (Patsoiki, Murman region, Russia). 1. Centrophyceae

Komulaynen S.F.1, Genkal S.I.2
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 273–283
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Taxonomic diversity of algal communities in the Teterev River (Ukraine)

Shelyuk Yu., Korneychuk N.N.
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 284–293
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Algoflora of Iranian rivers

Zarei-Darki B.
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 294–303
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New triradiate diatom species from the genus Tabellaria Ehr. (Bacillariophyta)

Kulikovskiy M.S.
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 304–312
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New find of Rhodophyta from Severskiy Donets River (Ukraine)

Dogadina T.V., Gromakova A.B., Gorbulin O.S.
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 313–317
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Applied Algology

Sampling device for concentration of phytoplankton under pressure

Gabyshev V.A.
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 318–320
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Frustule functions and functional morphology of Bacillariophyta

Bukhtiyarova L.N.
Algologia 2009, 19(3): 321–331
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