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2010, Vol. 20, Issue 1

7 articles

Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

Formation of the morphological structure of Gracilaria thalli at low temperatures

Mironova N.V.
Algologia 2010, 20(1): 3–14
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Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Chlorophyll d is the major photosynthetic pigment of Acaryochloris marina Miyashita et Chihara (Cyanophyta)

Onoiko E.B.
Algologia 2010, 20(1): 15–32
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Carotenoid composition in microalgae for larvae of bivalve mollusks

Ladigina L.V.
Algologia 2010, 20(1): 33–41
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Cultivation of Dunaliella salina Teod. at suboptimal concentrations and exclusion of nitrogen and phosphorus from the medium

Komaristaya V.P.1, Antonenko S.P.1, Rudas A.N.2
Algologia 2010, 20(1): 42–55
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Structure and dynamics of phytoplankton of southern Baikal (Russia)

Pomazkina G.V., Belykh O.I., Domysheva V.M., Sakirko M.V., Gnatovsky R.Yu.
Algologia 2010, 20(1): 56–72
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Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton in the coastal waters of Odessa Bay in the Black Sea (Ukraine)

Terenko L.M.
Algologia 2010, 20(1): 73–85
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Systematics, Phylogeny and Problems of Evolution of Algae

Recommendation on standartization of cytation of the names of autors of algal taxa

Tsarenko P.M.
Algologia 2010, 20(1): 86–121
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