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2010, Vol. 20, Issue 3

9 articles

General Problems of Algology

Biogeography of algae of Ukraine, its features, problems and prospects

Palamar-Mordvintseva G.M., Tsarenko P.M.
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 253–280
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Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

Anatomical studies on a new brown alga, Nizamuddinia zanardinii (Schiff.) P. Silva

Abbas A.1, Shameel M.2
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 281–286
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Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Pigments content of photosynthetic apparatus of green algae photobionts of lichens

Voytsekhovich A.A.1, Kashevarov G.P.2
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 287–299
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Dormant stages of planktnic algae in bottom sediments of Odessa port (Black Sea, Ukraine)

Nesterova D.A.
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 300–311
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The model associations of Cyanoprokaryota and Actinomycetes

Zenova G.M.1, Omarova E.O.1, Kurapova A.I.1, Orleanskiy V.K.2, Shadrin N.V.3
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 312–318
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Flora and Geography

Algal flora of lakes and rivers in Republic of Karelia (Russia)

Chekryzheva T.A.1, Komulainen S.F.2
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 319–333
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Biodiversity of algae of hot springs from Kuril Islands (Russia)

Nikulina T.V.
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 334–356
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Systematics, Phylogeny and Problems of Evolution of Algae

Specific rank for several infraspecific taxa in the genus Pinnularia Ehrenb.

Kulikovskiy M.1, Lange-Bertalot H.2, Metzeltin D.3
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 357–367
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Biotic diversity: investigation, conservation and enrichment

Sytnik K.M.
Algologia 2010, 20(3): 368–382
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