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Algologia 2010, 20(4): 482–491
Flora and Geography

Cyanoprokaryota from different water bodies of Iran

Zarei-Darki B.

Materials for the present article are based on investigations carried out during 2000–2009 from 125 water bodies in Iran; 182 species (198 infraspecific taxa) of blue-green algae were revealed. The species richness and taxonomic structure of blue-green algae, which has been found in different biotopes, were unequal. One hundred and nineteen species (119) (126 infr. taxa) of phytoplankton, 178 species (194 infr. taxa.) of phytobenthos, and 20 species (21 infr. taxa) of periphyton were recorded.

Keywords: Cyanoprokaryota, benthos, plankton, periphyton, different water bodies, Iran

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