ISSN (print) 0868-8540, (online) 2413-5984
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Algologia 2010, 20(4): 507–516
New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New species of genus Thoracomonas Korschikov (Phacotaceae, Chlorophyta) from temporary water body of Kiev (Ukraine)

Demchenko E.N.

Latin diagnosis, description, drawings and micrographs of new for science species from genus Thorakomonas Korschikov – Th. cruciformis Demchenko sp. nov. which was found from several ephemeral water bodies on the territory of the sity Kiev are presented. The variability of morphological characters of new species and difference it from known species of this genus and related genera as well as significance of some characters in ranges of genera Thoracomonas, Pteromonas Seligo, Dysmorphococcus Takeda are discussed. Several nomenclatural combinations relating to transference of Pteromonas robusta Korschikov and Dysmorphococcus feldmanii (Bourr.) H. Ettl to the genus Thorakomonas as Th. robusta (Korschikov) Demchenko comb. nov. and Th. feldmanii Bourr. are proposed.

Keywords: Volvocales, Phacotaceae, Thorakomonas, Th. cruciformis, Th. robusta, Th. feldmanii, new species, nomenclatural combinations Ukraine

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