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Algologia 2011, 21(1): 129–136
New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New location Thompsodinium intermedium (R.H. Thomps.) Bourr. (Dinophyta) in Ukraine

Krakhmalny A.F.

A rare species of Thompsodinium intermedium (Dinophyta) was found in the plankton of Buchak Lake (July 2009, Kanev district, Cherkasy region, Ukraine). It is the second reference of this species for reservoirs of Ukraine. For the first time the species was registered in 1966 in Lake White (Kharkiv region, near the biological station of Kharkov State University). Thompsodinium intermedium was referred to freshwater reservoirs of the USA, Belize (formerly British Honduras) and Cuba. Figures, description, distribution, comparison with morphologically similar species are given. Systematic position of studied species (it has been transferred from the family Gonyaulacaceae to the family Peridiniaceae) was clarified. A new species combination of Thompsodinium pseudo-intermedium (Couté et Iltis) Krachm. comb. nov. was proposed.

Keywords: Ukraine, Dinophyta, Thompsodinium intermedium, Th. pseudo-intermedium

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