ISSN (print) 0868-8540, (online) 2413-5984
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Algologia 2011, 21(1): 137–144
New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New nomenclature and taxonomical combinations within euglenophytes

Kapustin D.A.

Based on the polytypic species concept, 11 new intraspecific taxonomical combinations within the genera Lepocinclis Perty emend. Marin et Melkonian and Monomorphyna Mereschk. emend. Marin et Melkonian are proposed. For each taxon information about its distribution in Ukraine and in the world are given. For four varieties from genus Lepocinclis the lectotype are chosen.

Keywords: taxon, species, variety, Euglena, Lepocinclis, Monomorphina, Phacus

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