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2011, Vol. 21, Issue 4

5 articles

Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

Plastid division mechanisms and their diversity

Bova D.O., Kostikov I.Yu.
Algologia 2011, 21(4): 401–435
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Anatomical studies on Jolyna laminarioides Guimarres (Phaeophycota)

Abbas A.1, Shameel M.2
Algologia 2011, 21(4): 436–440
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Flora and Geography

Species of Cyanophyta diversity in fly ash affected rice fields along National Thermal Plant (North Bihar, India)

Choudhary K.K.*, Shukla L.N., Shukla Ch.P.
Algologia 2011, 21(4): 441–448
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Algal flora of water bodies of the Timpton River (South Yakutia, Russia)

Ivanova A.P., Gabyshev V.A., Kopyrina L.I.
Algologia 2011, 21(4): 449–459
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Fossil Algae

Calcareous nannofossils from the paleogene deposits of the Northern Precaucasus and South-Eastern part of Great Donbas

Andreyeva-Grigorovich A.S., Waga D.D.O.
Algologia 2011, 21(4): 460–473
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