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Algologia 2012, 22(2): 131–138
Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Some peculiarities of the destruction Cladofora sivashensis C. Meyer (Chlorophyta) organic substance

Solonenko A.N.

The author investigates the processes of the organic substance of the green seaweed Cladophora sivaschensis C. Meyer destruction in the brine of the amphibian areas, located on the Berdyansk foreland at the Lake Red and on the Arabat Spit not far from the Lake Zyablovskoye. It is shown that the destruction of C. sivaschensis organic substance causes the changes of pH environment and the decrease of the dissolved oxygen quantity. The most intensiveness of the destruction process occurs under the middle-summer temperature (25 °C) during the 10th – 12th days, and under the middle-year (14 °C) during the 16th – 18th days.

Keywords: destruction, brine, amphibian arrears, the green seaweed Cladophora sivaschensis

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