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Algologia 2012, 22(2): 175–189
Flora and Geography

Desmidiales round (Streptophyta) of some water bodies of Kiev (Ukraine)

Lilitskaya G.G.

The first data about Desmidiales of two Kiev lakes (Syneye and Goluboye) are present. 70 species (74 infr. taxa) were found in the lakes. Two species (Cosmarium cyaneilacustre Lilitska sp. nov. and C. reticulatum Lilitska sp. nov.) were described as a new for sciences. Latin diagnosis, pictures, electron microscopic photography of the species are presented. Two species (Cosmarium angulare Johnson, C. netzerianum Schmidle) and one forma (Cosmarium tetragonum (Nägeli) Arch. in Pritch. var. lundelii Coocke f. minus Croasdale) are new for Ukrainian flora.

Keywords: Desmidiales, species composition, new species, flora of Ukraine, Kiev

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