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Algologia 2012, 22(2): 198–207
Flora and Geography

Phytoepiphyton of the river section of the Kanev Reservoir (Ukraine)

Tarashchuk O.S., Shevchenko T.F., Klochenko P.D.

The distribution of epiphyton algae over higher aquatic plants of different ecological groups occurring in the river section of the Kanev Reservoir was investigated. A total of 206 species of algae represented by 215 infraspecific taxa, including those containing nomenclatural types of species of 7 divisions, 14 classes, 29 orders, 45 families, and 78 genera was registered as a result of the performed investigations. It has been found that the distribution of epiphyton algae species over higher aquatic plants belonging to different ecological groups is non-uniform. On submerged plants, the number of algae species and their infraspecific taxa, their genera, families, orders, and classes was essentially higher than that on plants belonging to the other ecological groups.

Keywords: algae, epiphyton, higher aquatic plants, ecological groups, the Kanev Reservoir, river section

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