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2012, Vol. 22, Issue 3

8 articles

General Problems of Algology

Chlorochytrium hypanicus sp. nov. (Chlorophyceae) and its position in the system of Protosiphonales

Kostikov I.Yu.1, Demchenko E.N.1, Boiko V.R.1, Goncharov A.A. 2
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 227–249
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Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

The influence of some metallocomplexes on phycocyanin content and superoxiddismutase activity in the biomass of Spirulina platensis (Nordst.) Geitler (Cyanophyta)

Efremova N.V.1, Bulmaga V.P.2, Reva V.A.2, Rudic V.F.1, Kiriac T.V.1, Gulea A.P.2, Zosim L.S.2, Elenchuc D.I.1, Djur S.V.2, Bivol Ch.M.2
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 250–257
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Taxonomic composition and ecology of green algae (Chlorophyta and Streptophyta) in shallow weakly mineralized forest lakes

Korneva L.G.
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 258–274
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Phytoplankton of deep-water lakes of Southern Ural during a high level of water (Russia)

Snitko L.V., Snitko V.P.
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 275–285
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Chrysophyta of reservoirs and water currents of Omsk Priirtyshye (Russia)

Bazhenova O.P., Barsukova N.N., German L.V., Igoshkina I.Yu., Konovalova O.A., Mamayeva O.O.
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 286–294
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Macrophytobenthos of Small phyllophora field (Karkinit Bay, Black Sea, Ukraine)

Tkachenko F.P. 1, Kostilyov E.F. 2, Tretyak I.P. 2
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 295–302
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Complexes of dominant phytoplankton forms from different types water bodies

Gorbulin O.S.
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 303–315
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Subfamily Leptolyngbyoideae Anagn. et Komárek (Oscillatoriales, Cyanoprokaryota) in flora of Ukraine with reference to ecological peculiarities of taxa

Vinogradova O.N., Kovalenko O.V.
Algologia 2012, 22(3): 316–330
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