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Algologia 2012, 22(3): 316–330
Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Subfamily Leptolyngbyoideae Anagn. et Komárek (Oscillatoriales, Cyanoprokaryota) in flora of Ukraine with reference to ecological peculiarities of taxa

Vinogradova O.N., Kovalenko O.V.

The results of the revision of taxa of subfamily Leptolyngbyoideae (Oscillatoriales, Cyanoprokaryota) found in Ukraine with special reference to their ecological peculiarities are presented. The checklist of 46 species of Ukrainian flora belonging to genera Planktolyngbya (4 species), Leibleinia (4), and Leptolyngbya (38 species) is given. A new nomenclatural combination: Leptolyngbya ucrainica (Elenkin) O.M. Vynogr. comb. nov. is proposed.

Keywords: Leptolyngbya, Planktolyngbya, Leibleinia, Leptolyngbyoideae, Oscillatoriales, Cyanoprokaryota, new taxonomic combination, ecology, distribution, Ukraine

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