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2013, Vol. 23, Issue 4
9 articles

Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

Morphological variability, taxonomy, and ecology of species of the complex Handmannia comta / H. radiosa (Bacillariophyta)

Genkal S.I.
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 363–381
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Morphological structure of dominating species of diatoms in the north-eastern Black Sea

Lifanchuk A.V.
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 382–395
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DNA-barcoding of green algae: A review

Temraleeva A.D.1, Mincheva E.V.1, Sherbakov D.Yu.2,3, Pinsky D.L.1
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 396–418
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Diatom epiphyton of some green algae and periphyton of anthropogenic substrates of crimean coastal the Black Sea (Ukraine)

Ryabushko L.I., Balicheva D.S., Strijak A.V.
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 419–437
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Flora and Geography

Algae of bogs of Prypiat’-Stokhid National natural park (Volyn Polissya, Ukraine)

Konishchuk M.A.
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 438–449
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Species diversity of microphytobenthos of the Red sea

Gerasimiuk V.P.1, Kovtun O.A.2
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 450–460
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Phytoplankton taxonomical structure in middle part of Southern Bug River (Ukraine)

Belous E.P., Klochenko P.D.
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 461–470
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Structure and taxonomical diversity of benthic diatom at estuarines of rivers Belbek and Chernaya (South-West Crimea, Ukraine)

Nevrova E.L.
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 471–492
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Fossil Algae

The Cyanophyta (Cyanoprokaryota)in bituminous flints of oligocene in Ukrainian Carpathians

Machalskij D.V.
Algologia 2013, 23(4): 493–501
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