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Algologia 2015, 25(3): 297–305
Fossil Algae

Taxonomic composition of Bacillariophyta from the quaternary deposits, the Scotia Sea (Antarctic)

O.S. Ogienko

On the basis of diatom taxonomic composition, the dominance of typical modern species in planktonic assemblages from the Scotia Sea Quaternary surface deposits was determined. The research suggests that the paleoecological conditions of diatom assemblage formation were similar to the present one. In diatom assemblages from the lower sediment layer the mixture of the Late Quaternary and Middle Miocene species was defined. The taxonomic composition of the assemblage suggests that the re-deposition participated in a forming of horizon in the Late Quaternary. Due to the taxonomic diversity and ecological structure of this diatom assemblages the paleoecological conditions of the Middle Miocene basin were analyzed.

Keywords: Bacillariophyta, Scotia Sea, Antarctic, Late Pleistocene/Holocene, Middle Miocene

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