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2016, Vol. 26, Issue 3
8 articles

Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Antioxidant system of Spirulina platensis (Nordst.) Geitler under the LED lighting of different spectral compositions

Ryabushko V.I., Zheleznova S.N., Gevorgiz R.G., Bobko N.I., Lelekov A.S.
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 237–247
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Flora and Geography

Taxocenosis structure and diversity of diatoms in the littoral zone of Lake Baikal at the confluence of the rivers (Russia)

Pomazkina G.V., Rodionova E.V.
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 248–262
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Bacillariophyta of small water bodies of Kiev (Ukraine). 2. Araphid diatoms: Fragilariaceae, Diatomaceae, Tabellariaceae

Lilitskaya G.G.
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 263–279
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Phytoplankton taxonomic structure of the lower part of the Southern Bug River (Ukraine)

Belous E.P.
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 280–292
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Microscopic algae of Zmiinyi Island (the Black Sea, Ukraine)

Gerasimyuk V.P.
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 293–303
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Algae of different biotopes of the Arabat Spit, Azov Sea (Ukraine)

Solonenko A.N.
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 304–314
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Fossil Algae

The first record of Bacillariophyta imprints on shells of foraminifera Spiroplectammina Cushman (Lower Oligocene of the Southern Ukraine)

Olshtynskaya A.P.1, Stefanskaya T.A.2
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 315–331
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

Chrysodidymus Prowse (Chrysophyceae, Synurales), a new genus for the Ukrainian algal flora

Kapustin D.A., Gusev E.S.
Algologia 2016, 26(3): 332–336
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