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2016, Vol. 26, Issue 4
8 articles

Flora and Geography

New taxa for the flora of Ukraine, in the context of modern approaches to taxonomy of Cyanoprokaryota/Cyanobacteria

Mikhailyuk T.I.,1, Vinogradova O.N.1, Glaser K. 2, Karsten U. 2
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 347–371
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First data on Bacillariophyta of International Biosphere Reserve „Roztocze” (Ukraine)

Krivosheia O.N.1, 2, Vlasiuk M.N.1, 2
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 372–386
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Additional data of algae-macrophytes from south Sakhalin and the south Kuril Islands (Russia)

Evseeva N.V.
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 387–402
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Analysis of the flora of Charales (Charophyta) of Ukraine

Borisova E.V.
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 403–417
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Cyanoprokaryota of the Kuyalnik Estuary ecosystem (Ukraine)

Tsarenko P.M.1, 2, Ennan A.A.2, Shichalyeyeva G.N.2, Barinova S.S.3, Gerasimiuk V.P.2, 4, Ryzhko V.E.5
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 418–438
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Taxonomic study of the family Zygnemaceae from the Punjab Province, Pakistan

Zarina A.1, Shameel M.2
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 439–446
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Fossil Algae

The revision of taxonomic composition of Cretaceous calcareous nannoplankton of southern Ukraine

Matveyev A.V.
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 447–458
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

Gomphosphenia stoermeri Kociolek et Thomas (Bacillariophyta) is a new species for the flora of Russia

Genkal S.I.1, Yarushina M.I.2
Algologia 2016, 26(4): 459–464
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