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Algologia 2016, 26(4): 439–446
Flora and Geography

Taxonomic study of the family Zygnemaceae from the Punjab Province, Pakistan

Zarina A.1, Shameel M.2

Six filamentous green macro-algal species of six genera belonging to the family Zygnemaceae, order Zygnemales, class Zygnemophyceae (phylum Chlorophycota) were collected from different freshwater habitats along the G.T. Road between Shahdara and Gujranwala, in the Punjab Province of Pakistan during March 2011. They were taxonomically and cytologically examined. All the species were found to grow in the spring season, which exhibited poor growth in the water of pH 8 (slightly alkaline). Most of the species are being first revealed in the place of collection, while this is the first report of occurrence of the genus Temnogyra I.F. Lewis and its species T. liana (Transeau) Yamagishi in Pakistan as well as Sirogonium stricticum (Smith) Kütz.

Keywords: Zygnemaceae, Chlorophycota, green algae, new records, Pakistan

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