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2017, Vol. 27, Issue 2
8 articles

Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

The species of the genus Fallacia A.J. Stickle & D.G. Mann (Bacillariophyta) in Russia: morphology, taxonomy, ecology and distribution

Genkal S.I.1, Yarushina M.I.2
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 115–128
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Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Biochemical analysis of a few marine macroalgae from the Kollam Coast of India

Anisha Shashidharan1, Sophiammal Nettar Plomindas2
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 129–144
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

The bio-indicative analysis of the species composition of phytoplankton of the Pripyat River tributaries (Ukraine)

Shelyuk Yu.S.
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 145–162
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Flora and Geography

Algal flora of the National Nature Park Pripyat–Stokhid (Volyn Region, Ukraine)

Konishchuk M.O.
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 163–179
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Seasonal changes in species composition of algae of the Andijan Reservoir (the Republic of Uzbekistan)

Ergasheva H.E.
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 180–189
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Tyrannodinium edax (A.J. Schill.) Calado (Dinoflagellata: Pfiesteriaceae) in water bodies of Kiev (Ukraine)

Krakhmalnyi A.F.
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 190–201
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Occurrence of an unusual species, Dictyota hauckiana Nizam. (Phaeophycota), in the coastal waters of Pakistan

Abbas A.1, Shameel M.2
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 202–214
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Co-cultivation of unicellular green algae (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae) and lymphocytes of peripheral blood of humans as a test system for radiobiological studies

Kurinny D.A.1, Kostikov I.Yu.2
Algologia 2017, 27(2): 215–226
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