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Algologia 2018, 28(1): 89–94
New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New dinoflagellate species from sandy sediments of the Levantine Sea (Haifa coast, Israel)

Krakhmalnyi A.F.1, Wasser S.P.2, 3, Krakhmalnyi M.A.3, Nevo E.3

A new species of Dinoflagellata – Gymnodinium levanticum Krachm. sp. nov. was found in coastal sandy sediments at Carmel Beach, Haifa. The species is characterized by the following features: cells without visible under the light microscope thecal plates, small (26.4–27.7 µm in length and 20.9–21.2 µm in width), dense, yellow-brown, brown, or reddish-brown. Epicone equal or slightly larger than hypocone. Cingulum V-shaped. Hypocone with a small longitudinal protrusion (crest) on dorsal side. The current paper presents the first study of interstitial dinoflagellates of the Eastern Mediterranean coast.

Keywords: Dinoflagellata, Dinophyta, Gymnodinium levanticum Krachm. sp. nov., interstitial species, Levantine Sea, Mediterrenean Sea, Israel

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