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Algologia 2018, 28(3): 342–349
New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

First record of Vaucheria velutina C. Agardh (Ochrophyta, Vaucheriales) in Ukraine

Tkachenko F.P., Sardaryan K.B.

The paper presents a first record of xantophycean alga, Vaucheria velutina, in Ukraine. The species is characteristic of the sea coasts of most European countries, known from the marine coasts of North Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand but it has never been cited from the Black Sea coast. The dimensional characteristics of the thalli and reproductive organs of Tiligul specimens mainly correspond to the accepted description of V. velutina. Filaments are straight, unbranched, bisexual, and 70–120 µm wide. Antheridia are ovate-oblong with ascending apex, 100–150 µm × 60–80 µm. Oognia obovate to almost rounded with protruding papilla, sessile, 200–230 µm × 180–200 µm. Oospores 190–210 µm × 170–190 µm. It was revealed in the benthos of Tiligul Estuary at a depth of 0.5 m in the community formed by representatives of Chlorophyta and Rhodophyta. Alga formed small olive green clusters on the bottom. Environmental parameters of the microhabitat: water of chloride-sodium-sulphate-magnesium type with a salinity of 32.29‰, pH 8.12, T 19°C. Identified specimens also have some similarities with V. dichotoma, but differ in a number of morphological and ecological features.

Keywords: Vaucheria velutina, new finding, Tiligulsky estuary, Black Sea

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