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Algologia 2018, 28(4): 484–501
Flora and Geography

Algae of ponds of the Kuyalnik Estuary coast (North-Western Black Sea, Ukraine)

Gerasimiuk V.P.1,2, Shichaleyeva G.N.1, Ennan A.A.1, Tsarenko P.M.3, Kiryushkina A.N.1

The results of original studies of algal flora of ponds located around the coastline of the Kuyalnik Estuary within a 2-kilometer water protection zone are presented. The species composition, taxonomic structure, ecological and biological characteristics of algae, their distribution by water bodies and ecotopes are analyzed. There were 129 species from 7 divisions, 12 classes, 26 orders, 47 families and 72 genera were found. Bacillariophyta (76 species), Cyanoprokaryota (22 species) and Chlorophyta (15 species) lead in species diversity; the remaining divisions were represented by 1–8 species. Eight species of algae are first cited for water bodies of the North-Western Black Sea region, four of them are new records for Ukraine. The greatest number of species found in Peresypsky ponds (89 species) and in ponds in the vicinity of the village Severinovka (61). Analysis of the distribution of species-indicators of saprobity and averaged values of the indexes of saprobity show that all the ponds studied are β-mesosaprobic. Dominating groups the species with cosmopolitan (83) and boreal (42) ranges of distribution prevail while the north-boreal (3) and boreal-tropical (1) biogeographic elements are scarce.

Keywords: algae, ponds, coastal zone, Kuyalnik estuary, taxonomical structure, ecological and biological characteristics

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