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2019, Vol. 29, Issue 1
8 articles

Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Polyphenol compounds of macroscopic and microscopic algae

Zolotareva E.K., Mokrosnop V.M., Stepanov S.S.
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 3–29
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Ethyl acetate and methanolic extracts from three algae and their potential antioxidant activity in vitro

Ebrahimzadeh M.A.1 , Khalili M.2 , Dehpour A.A.3
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 30–39
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Effects of alkalinity, extremely low carbon dioxide concentration and irradiance on spectral properties, phycobilisome, photosynthesis, photosystems and functional groups of the native cyanobacterium Calothrix sp. ISC 65

Abbasi B.1, Shokravi Sh.1, Golsefidi M.Ah.2, Sateiee A.1, Kiaei E.1
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 40–58
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Flora and Geography

Algal diversity of rivers of the Kiev Upland Region (Ukraine)

Berezovskaya V.Yu.
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 59–76
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

Rare species of centric diatom algae (Bacillariophyta, Centrophyceae) from Ukraine

Belous O.P.1, Genkal S.I.2, Jahn R.3, Zimmermann J.3
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 77–87
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Applied Algology

Integrated study on nutrients and heavy metals removal from domestic wastewater using free and immobilized strain Scenedesmus rubescens KACC 2 (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae)

Pandian S.K., Thomas J.
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 88–103
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Short Communications

The first record of Lithodesmium undulatum Ehrenb. (Bacillariophyta, Mediophyceae) in the estuaries of the Northern Black Sea area (Ukraine)

Dereziuk N.V.
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 104–107
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Surveys. History of Algology

Algological investigations at the Odessa University (1890—1933)

Kuznetsov V.A., Tkachenko Ph.P.
Algologia 2019, 29(1): 108–124
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