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Algologia 2019, 29(1): 104–107
Short Communications

The first record of Lithodesmium undulatum Ehrenb. (Bacillariophyta, Mediophyceae) in the estuaries of the Northern Black Sea area (Ukraine)

Dereziuk N.V.

Data on the findings of the invasive species of Lithodesmium undulatum in the estuaries of the Northern Black Sea area (Tuzla group of lakes, Odessa Region) are given. The species has not previously been encountered in the phytoplankton of the Black Sea. It is assumed that it fell into the Tuzla estuaries with the ballast waters from ships. In the specified area, it was first observed in June 2015. Data on the abundance and biomass of L. undulatum and its distribution in the waters of one of the lakes of Tuzla group – Lake Alibey were reported. The emergence of invasive phytoplankton species threatens the existence of aquatic organisms as a result of development of potentially dangerous allochtonous microalgae.

Keywords: first occurrences, Lithodesmium undulatum, Bacillariophyta, Northern Black Sea area

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