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Algologia 2019, 29(1): 77–87
New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

Rare species of centric diatom algae (Bacillariophyta, Centrophyceae) from Ukraine

Belous O.P.1, Genkal S.I.2, Jahn R.3, Zimmermann J.3

This article summarizes the results of a study on the benthos found in the lower part of the Southern Bug River. The study focuses on an ecotone site, where an increase in the taxa composition of salt-water species was recorded. The centric Bacillariophyta species diversity was investigated based on the samples collected in 2017 at the following 3 investigation sites: north of the Nikolaev city (approximately 5 km), directly in the city (Varvarovsky Bridge), and 5 km south of the city. The study of this material allowed us to identify 5 rare Ukrainian species of centric diatom algae Actinocyclus normanii (W. Greg. ex Grev.) Hust., Cyclotella cryptica Reimann, J.C. Lewin et Guillard, Cyclotella marina (Tanimura, Nagumo et M. Kato) Aké-Castillo, Okolodk. et Ector, Minidiscus proschkinae (I.V. Makarova) J.S. Park et J.H. Lee and Stephanodiscus makarovae Genkal. The original microphotographs, obtained via scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM (Hitachi 810, resolution ×1000) are included. The obtained data broaden our perspective in the ecology of this planktonic species, as well as supplement its morphological distinctive features. Findings of named representatives of centric diatom algae in the Southern Bug River contribute to progressing the perceptions on biodiversity of the river flora and its geographical distribution within the Ukraine.

Keywords: Bacillariophyta, Сentrophyceae, rare species, Ukraine

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