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Algologia 2019, 29(2): 185–200
Flora and Geography

Patterns of distribution of algae – indicators of saprobity across the Qashkadaryo River (Republic of Uzbekistan)

Alimjanova K.A.1, Soatov G.T.2

The article presents a comparative analysis of the distribution of algae – indicators of water saprobity revealed in 2009–2017 at 8 monitoring stations in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Qashqadaryo River in Uzbekistan. Totally, 73 indicator species (Bacillariophyta – 52, Cyanophyta – 10, Chlorophyta – 10, Euglenophyta – 1 species) were found over the period of observation. Downstream, the number of indicator-saprobic species of algae in all divisions decreases, their structure also changes due to the increased influence of anthropogenic factors. At monitoring stations in the lower reaches of the river, xeno- and oligosaprobic indicator species are inferior in number comparing to β- and α-mesosaprobes. The increase in the number of the latter indicates a gradual increase in the degree of organic pollution and deterioration of water quality in the river downstream. Authors proposed to develop measures for the conservation of algal flora of the Qashkadaryo River.

Keywords: algae, comparison, distribution, forecasting, indicator, Qashkadaryo River, pollution

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