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Algologia 2020, 30(1): 52–61
New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New Species of Green Algae Belonging to Ulva Linneaus in the Coastal Waters of Karachi, Pakistan

Khan H.1, Aisha K.2

The study was carried out to access the taxonomy of new species of Ulva. For this purpose, the collections of green algae were done from September 2018 to March 2019 on the coast of the Arabian Sea near Karachi. Ulva ohnoi Hiraoka et Shimada was added in previous list of the genus Ulva. Growth of this species was found on debris (dumbed fishing nets, clothes, sand bores and ropes) at the coasts of Buleji and Abdul Rehman Goth. Morphological characters, observed visually, whereas cellular characters examined under upright microscope which revealed that this species varied from other Ulva species for its dissorted fronds character when thallus is touched, kidney (blunt) shaped chloroplast structure, the presence of marginal spines and absence of matrix in between rhizoidal cell of lower part of the thallus near the holdfast. The comparative study of U. ohnoi reported from Pakistan was done with U. ohnoi, reported species from Iran and Japan. The similarities and dissimilarties of U. ohnoi with U. anandii Amjad et Shameel and U. bifrons Ardré were mentioned, which also have small thallus like describe specimens. If the species is native or exotic are still unknown. Further study is required in terms of ecology and physiology of this species. This was first report from the coast of Karachi. Pakistan.

Keywords: Ulva ohnoi, coast of Karachi, morphology, ecology

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