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2021, Vol. 31, Issue 1
7 articles

Morphology, Anatomy, Cytology

Morphology, taxonomy and distribution of the rare species Aulacoseira cataractarum (Hustedt) Simonsen (Bacillariophyta) in Russia

Genkal S.I.
Algologia 2021, 31(1): 3–8
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Current state of the macrophytobenthos of the Georgian coast

Minicheva G.G.1, Tsetskhladze M.S.2
Algologia 2021, 31(1): 9–24
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Flora and Geography

Algae of biological soil crusts from sand dunes of the Danube Delta biosphere reserve (Odesa Region, Ukraine)

Mikhailyuk T.I.1, Vinogradova O.M.1, Glaser K.2, Rybalka N.3, Demchenko E.M.1, Karsten U.2
Algologia 2021, 31(1): 25–62
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New localities of Bambusina borreri (Ralfs) Cleve (Charophyta), a species from the Red Data Book of Ukraine

Berezovska V.Yu., Burova O.V., Raida O.V.
Algologia 2021, 31(1): 63–73
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New find of rare freshwater brown algae Pleurocladia lacustris А.Braun (Phaeophyсеае) from Dnieper Estuary of the Black Sea (Ukraine)

Tkachenko F.P.
Algologia 2021, 31(1): 74–79
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Applied Algology

Potential of the biodegradability and characteristics of bio-plastic from microalgae residues

Wong Y.C., Roma D.N.
Algologia 2021, 31(1): 80–92
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Epipelic cyanobacterial diversity in Pinang River basin, Malaysia, revealed by 16S-based metagenomic approach

Nur Fadzliana A.R.1, Wan Maznah W.O.1,2,3, Nor S.A.M.1, Choon Pin Foong1, Luo Wei4
Algologia 2021, 31(1): 93–113
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