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Algologia 2017, 27(4): 426–435
Flora and Geography

Species diversity and ecology of Charales (Charophyta) of the zone of deciduous forests of Ukraine

Borisova E.V.

A study of the Charales (Charophyta) species diversity of the zone of deciduous forests in the Ukraine (ZDF) has revealed 60 new localities for 11 species from the genera Chara L. (7), Nitella C. Agardh (3), and Tolypella (A. Braun) A. Braun (1). Among them, the noteworthy records are Chara aspera Dethard. ex Willd., Ch. intermedia A. Braun, Ch. tenuispina A. Braun, rarely occurring in the studied area, and Tolypella intricata (Trentep. ex Roth) Leonh., a new species for the flora of Ukraine. The most frequently occurring species were cosmopolitans Ch. globularis Thuill. (23.3%) and Ch. vulgaris L. (38.3%). An analysis of the original and literature data on the ecology of Charales species found in the ZDF shows that the relative scarcity of their composition is mainly due to the absence of large lakes or lake groups in the area, and a strong anthropogenic impact. A comparison of the species composition of Charales of the ZDF with those of adjacent territories: the Polish, Volyn, Zhytomir Polissia, Ukrainian Carpathians and the Right-bank Forest-Steppe indicates its transitional character. This is probably due to a strong anthropogenic transformation of the territory during continuous agricultural reclamation.

Keywords: Charales, species diversity, wide-leaf forest zone, Ukraine

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