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Algologia 2019, 29(2): 217–232
Fossil Algae

Preliminary results of investigations of diatoms (Bacillariophyta) from river suspension of the Dnipro River (Ukraine)

Olshtynskaya A.P., Nasedkin Ye.I., Ivanova A.N.

The article presents the results of research on abiotic and biotic components of water-suspended matter from samples taken by sediment traps in the Dnipro River near Zaporizhzhia. In the examined suspension, apart from the mineral constituent, safe frustules, valves, and numerous fragments of diatoms were found. Forty-two diatom species of 24 genera in sediment samples were identified. A number of taxa were not identified as species due to bad safety and fragmentation of the frustules. Seasonal changes (from February to December 2016) of diatoms in the total suspension mass were traced and analyzed. Possible causes of fluctuations of the taxonomic diatom composition in suspended matter were linked to fluctuations in seasonal factors, the intensity of sedimentation flows, the hydrodynamics of the water area, and the ecological preferences of microflora. Regime observations of quantitative and qualitative changes in diatoms could help to estimate the dynamics and anthropogenic impact on the coastal environment. Compiling a long-term data series of the ratio of ecological groups of diatoms along with further monitoring will increase information of their trends, including annual and seasonal changes in hydrological factors of environment and sedimentation. The material was examined with a raster electronic microscope.

Keywords: Bacillariophyta, Dnipro River water area, monitoring, suspended matter, Ukraine

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