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Algologia 2019, 29(4): 446–462
Flora and Geography

Diatoms of Bryopsis plumosa (Hudson) C.Agardh (Chlorophyta, Bryopsidales) epiphyton from the Black and Aegean seas

Ryabushko L.I., Bondarenko A.V., Shiroyan A.G.

Species diversity of epiphytic Bacillariophyta inhabiting benthic green alga Bryopsis plumosa in the Black (the bays of the Crimean coast) and Aegean (coasts of Rhodes and Monsell bank) seas was studied. A list of 54 taxa belonging to 3 classes, 12 orders, 25 families, and 35 genera is presented. Thirty-six species were found in the Quarantine, Cossack, and Koktebel bays of the Black Sea, and 28 species – in the samples from the Aegean Sea. Most of the species (more than 90%) are known as benthic forms. Seven common species were identified: Аhnanthes brevipes, Ardissonea crystallina, Cocconeis scutellum, Grammatophora marina, Licmophora abbreviata, Striatella unipunctata, and Tabularia tabulata. The genus Licmophora (6 species) is most diverse. Five taxa new to the Aegean were noted: Actinocyclus curvatulus, Ardissonea fulgens, Diatomella salina var. septata, Eunotia bilunaris, and Planothidium hauckianum. The flora is dominated by marine (43%) and brackish-water species (37%). Twenty-five species-indicators of water saprobity were identified. Of the phytogeographic elements, a significant proportion are arctic-boreal-tropical and boreal-tropical species (41%), as well as cosmopolitans (33%) are noted; these species have a wide range of distribution and belong to the mass species of microphytobenthos of the seas. A comparison of the species composition of B. plumosa epiphyton from different geographical regions of Crimea showed a significant difference: common species are Hyalodiscus scoticus, A. crystallina, G. marina, and T. tabulata. Quantitative data on Bacillariophyta in the epiphyton of B. plumosa were obtained for the first time. In the Koktebel Bay in May, the number and biomass of epiphytic Bacillariophyta ranged (2.3–14.4)•103 cells•cm-2 and 0.001–0.004 mg•cm-2, respectively. In the Quarantine Bay in March, the number of epiphytic diatoms was 394•103 cells•cm-2, biomass – 0.254 mg•cm-2.

Keywords: Bacillariophyta, Bryopsis plumosa, Chlorophyta, epiphyton, water saprobity, Black Sea, Aegean Sea

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