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Algologia 2019, 29(4): 463–477
Flora and Geography

Cyanoprokaryota of the salt marshes at the Pryazov National Natural Park, Ukraine

Arabadzhy-Tipenko L.I., Solonenko A.N., Bren A.G.

The results of long-term studies of coastal salt marshes on the territory of the Priazov National Natural Park are presented: in the upper reaches of the Utlyuk Estuary, on the shores of Lake Sivashik and in the central part of Fedotova Spit. The data on the species composition of Cyanoprokaryota in the park, their systematic structure, leading families and genera are presented. As a result of research, 71 species of Cyanoprokaryota were identified, which belong to 3 orders, 10 families, and 22 genera. The greatest species diversity is noted in the central part of Fedotova Spit. Among the leading families, Phormidiaceae, Nostocaceae, and Pseudanabaenaceae dominated. The greatest number of species was represented by the genera: Phormidium, Leptolyngbya, Nostoc, Trichormus and Anabaena. The dominant complex included representatives of the genera Schizothrix, Phormidium, Lyngbya, Leptolyngbya, Trichormus, Nostoc and Nodularia, the absolute number of which corresponded to the values of "many" and "very many". The ecological valency of species in relation to the level of salinity of the environment has been established. Most (70.4% of the total) were halotolerant species capable of living in the salinity range of 0–30‰. Analysis of the distribution of Cyanoprokaryota throughout Ukraine showed that most of the species found were previously found in the steppe zone of Ukraine, but prevalence for the whole territory of Ukraine was noted only for 45.1% of the species. A separate group of typical terrestrial cyanoprokaryotic species was found that is characteristic of the coastal saline soils of the North-West Azov region, which includes 27 species (38% of the total number of species). Analysis of the biotopic confinement of the identified species showed the predominance of the aquatic-terrestrial and aquatic groups of cyanoprokaryotes, which can be explained by the variable hydrological regime of the studied saline biotopes.

Keywords: Cyanoprokaryota, salt marshes, Lake Sivashik, Fedotov Spit, Utlyutsky Estuary

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