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Algologia 2020, 30(1): 27–36
Flora and Geography

Checklist of diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of the continental reservoirs of Azerbaijan

Mukhtarova Sh.J., Jafarova S.K.

Data on Bacillariophyta of freshwater bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan are presented. Information on their distribution in large physical and geographical areas in Azerbaijan is presented: the Greater Caucasus, the Kura intermountain depression, the Lesser Caucasus, Lenkoran, and Middle Araz. An inventory of the diversity of biota is significant in modern biology. In continental water bodies, diatoms constitute the bulk of autotrophic organisms. As a result of the negative impact of anthropogenic pollution, the probability of the decrease in biota is very high; therefore, an inventory is necessary. On the basis of literature and original data, the results of an inventory of Bacillariophyta in continental water bodies and watercourses of Azerbaijan are presented, as well as a revision of their taxonomic composition, which takes into account changes in modern nomenclature. The checklist of the microalgae Bacillariophyta of Azerbaijan contains information on 378 species of diatoms (including 429 infraspecific taxa) from 84 genera. Detailed information on Bacillariophyta of freshwater bodies of Azerbaijan have been presented.

Keywords: Azerbaijan, diatoms, continental reservoirs, nomenclature, check list

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