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Algologia 2019, 29(1): 108–124
Surveys. History of Algology

Algological investigations at the Odessa University (1890—1933)

Kuznetsov V.A., Tkachenko Ph.P.

The further development of algological investigations at the University of Odessa from the end of the XIX century up to the 30’s of the XX century was analyzed. The alga investigations of this period can be characterized as less intensive ones. This problem was occasionally raised by such scientists as S.M. Pereyaslavtseva, K.S. Merezhkovsky, A.G. Genkel, N.I. Andrusov. More profound algae research was done by V.I. Podlesny, S.A. Zernov, D.O. Svirenko and his disciples B.N. Aksentiev, E.N. Buzhenko, M.A. Gor-dienko, P.P. Shirshov and others. The ocean and fresh water phytoplankton was investigated, particularly diatoms and macrocharophytes, definite water bodies types (sea areas and coastal salt lakes) algae in general, as well as fossil diatoms and charophytes. Special attention was paid to the algae biocoenosis role and the environment effect on the them.

Keywords: algological studies, Odessa University, history, scientists

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