General information

This section provides guidance on the policies for editing, publishing, and reviewing articles in the journal Algologia. It includes ethical guidelines and a code of conduct for authors, reviewers, and editors. Our rules have been developed so that the process of publishing articles in Algologia meets high ethical standards at every stage: from submitting an article to the editor, reviewing it, and publishing.

The submitted articles are peer-reviewed by two independent experts appointed by the editorial board (blind peer review). Manuscript with the comments of reviewers are sent to the author for revision. The version of manuscript corrected by the author(s) and agreed with the reviewers, is considered final.

Authors should consider communication with the journal as confidential: correspondence with the journal, reports of reviewers and other confidential materials should not be published on any website or in any other way without the prior permission of the publisher.

Please note that the copyright agreement comes into force after the adoption of the article. If the editors reject the article, the contract automatically becomes invalid. The signing of the contract by the author / authors means that they are familiar with and agree to the terms of the contract.