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2012, Vol. 22, Issue 4

10 articles

Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

The effect of selected fungicides on growth of Euglena gracilis Klebs (Euglenophyta) culture

Mokrosnop V.M., Zolotareva E.K.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 337–344
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

The effect of Fucus vesiculosus L. (Phaeophyceae) location in the depth on its morphophysiological parameters (Barents Sea, Russia)

Makarov M.V., Ryzhik I.V., Voskoboinikov G.M.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 345–359
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Prognostic estimation of benthic diatoms species

Petrov A.N., Nevrova E.L.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 360–382
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Flora and Geography

Algae of water bodies of the Verkhoyansk Mountains (Yakutia, Russia)

Kopyrina L.I.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 383–392
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Phytoplankton taxonomical structure in upper part of Southern Bug River (Ukraine)

Belous E.P.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 393–401
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Fossil Algae

On the validity of distinguishing of some early Carboniferous genera of Dasycladates algae of the Aciculelleae Bassoullet et al. tribe (Chlorophyta)

Berchenko O.I., Sukhov O.A.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 402–409
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Dinocysts of Callovian in the region of central Ukraine

Shevchuk E.A.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 410–418
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New for the Ukraine species of Bacillariophyta from Shazkij National Natural Park (Ukraine)

Krivenda A.A.
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 419–430
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First findings of the marine species Cyclotella marina (Bacillariophyta) in freshwaters of Europe

Genkal S.I.1, Yarmoshenko L.P.2, Okhapkin A.G.3
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 431–440
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Surveys. History of Algology

Chlorophyll a content in phytoplankton biomass (review)

Mineeva N.M.1, Shchure L.A.2
Algologia 2012, 22(4): 441–456
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