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2010, Vol. 20, Issue 4

9 articles

Reproduction and Life Cycles of Algae

Sexual reproduction and mating system of the Tabularia tabulata (C. Agardh) Snoeijs (Bacillariophyta)

Davidovich N.A., Davidovich O.I.
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 385–401
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Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Desalination influence on the growth and certain biochemical characteristics of the Chaetoceros socialis f. radians (F. Schütt) Proschk.-Lavr. (Bacillariophyta)

Markina Zh.V., Aizdaicher N.A.
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 402–412
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Effect of high temperature on sensitivity and resistance to the copper ions of Dunaliella viridis Teod. (Chlorophyta) cells

Bozhkov A.I., Menzyanova N.G., Sedova K.V., Goltvyanskiy A.V.
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 413–431
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Macro algae of fouling and epizoon in shallow waters of southern Primorye (Sea of Japan, Russia)

Levenets I.R., Fadeev V.I.
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 432–448
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Bacillariophyta of the periphyton of experimental plates of the Gold Horn Bay of the Sea of Japan (Russia) in the conditions of the anthropogenic contamination

Begun A.A.1, Ryabushko L.I.2, Zvyagintsev A.Yu. 1
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 449–470
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Flora and Geography

An addition to the Bacillariophyta flora of the Caspian Sea. I.

Karayeva N.I.1, Bukhliyarova L.N. 2
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 471–481
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Cyanoprokaryota from different water bodies of Iran

Zarei-Darki B.
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 482–491
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New Taxa and Noteworthy Records

New data for the Bacillariophyta flora of Belarus. 1. Family Naviculaceae Kütz.

Kulikovskiy M.S.1, Genkal S.I.1, Mikheeva T.M.2
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 492–506
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New species of genus Thoracomonas Korschikov (Phacotaceae, Chlorophyta) from temporary water body of Kiev (Ukraine)

Demchenko E.N.
Algologia 2010, 20(4): 507–516
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