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2013, Vol. 23, Issue 3
8 articles

Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Dynamic of functional epigenotypes Dunaliella viridis Teodor. at cumulative and quasicontinuous cultivation

Bozhkov A.I., Sysenko E.I., Menzyanova N.G., Kizilova V.Yu.
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 231–247
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Ecology, Cenology, Conservation of Algae and Their Role in Nature

Terrestrial algae from granite outcrops of river valleys of Ukraine

Mikhailyuk T.I.
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 248–269
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The species composition of Bacillariophyta of macrophytes epiphyton in Peter the Great Bay (Russian Coast, Sea of Japan)

Begun A.A.
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 270–290
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Flora and Geography

Uniqueness of diatom flora from the Strait of Olkhonskie Vorota and the Gulf of Maloe More, Lake Baikal (Russia)

Pomazkina G.V., Rodionova E.V., Makarevich O.Yu.
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 291–307
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Centric diatom algae (Centrophyceae) of the Bukhtarma reservoir (the Irtysh River, Kazakhstan)

Bazhenova O.P.1, Genkal S.I.2, Shakhoval V.E.1, Bragina E.A.3
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 308–317
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Cyanoprokaryota of water bodies of Left-Bank Polissya (Ukraine)

Zhezhera M.D.
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 318–329
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Algal flora of reservoirs in Iran

Zarei-Darki B.
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 330–340
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Fossil Algae

Fossil Holocene diatoms of the Karkinitskyi Bay, the Black Sea, Ukraine

Olshtynskaya A.P.1, Tymchenko Yu.A2
Algologia 2013, 23(3): 341–356
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